Truly Green Farms

Truly Green Farms started as a simple idea – to build a greenhouse that’s connected to Greenfield Global in Chatham-Kent and utilizes the waste heat and carbon dioxide produced in the ethanol fermentation process for the production of greenhouse vegetables. The vision was to have 4 phases (each being 22.5 acres) totaling 90 acres here at Truly Green Farms growing greenhouse tomatoes, as tomatoes are the crop best able to make use of this extra CO2 available.

This didn’t happen overnight, as it took a few years to fully implement the technology enabling the use of waste heat and CO2 from Greenfield Global. Truly Green is now operational in two of their four phases, growing fresh greenhouse tomatoes in 45 acres of their total 90 to be completed in the future. Truly Green is a huge step for greenhouse growers in Ontario, as it’s one of the first greenhouses in North America to make use of waste heat and CO2 in production. Hopefully, this will lead to a shift in both growers and consumers becoming more environmentally focused and apt to support sustainable growing practices.